About Us

ALDEREA REAL ESTAE COPMPANY is a Saudi based company. It has developed many projects in KSA & UAE.

Our role is the development of commercial, residential and hotels projects we have many alliances, partners and investments in many countries around the world in the field of Real Estate Development, project management, Engineering, Market Research & intelligence, contracting and finance groups.

We have developed 2 commercial projects in Jeddah. Also we developed a large project in Dubai (Silicon Gate). The company now is working on many commercial, residential and hotels projects in KSA.

We always welcome the strong and professional ideas, alliances and partners.


Development investments to keep up with the real estate industry and to provide integrated products from concept to execution to serve our customers and partners.


  • Investment in projects with superior returns.
  • Alliance with global and local entities to invest in residential and commercial projects.
  • To attract discerning investors and partners to invest in the company.
  • Building and development of real estate investment opportunities and distinctive management.
  • Participation in the establishment of entities and companies working in the field of development, management and marketing of real estate projects.
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