Chairman Message

Excellence of our objectives and we have the desire and ambition to offer products and services to cope with the real estate industry by providing innovative products and integrated from concept to completion, in collaboration with our partners and allies in order to serve our customers.

Work with credibility, from our constants and vision in the field of Real Estate Development and Investment to keep us with the requirements of change and our first steps to structure our work and a desire to touch the need for the real estate market housing and commercial products in various regions of the Kingdom.

The development witnessed by the real estate market requires us to recognize the importance of specialization and work to adopt a vision and clear objectives and achieve success. From here laid the foundations for investment by integrated work and to ensure that the selection the right partners and allies to implement projects, starting by study the idea then approved through the development to financing, construction, marketing and sale to various real estate projects, we will work very hard in cooperation with our partners and allies and our customers to achieve our vision and our goals and we will provide products for residential and commercial and hotels that serve our targeted slice with the best specifications.

Walid Al Derea

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